Importer/ Wholeseller

Handling of perishable goods is a technical art because of risk involve in it. Therefore our managing team and representatives are strictly required to involve themselves to inspect the goods at all stages starting from catching , purchase of raw material from auction hall/harbor, process of products, freezing, packing, loading to handing over to importer and whole seller.

Global Food Marketing Group of Companies is equipped with well-trained personnel for processing and packaging under EU / HACCP Standards. GFM Group of Companies provides microbiological, chemical and sanitation audits and also provides production sheets to its clients for their satisfaction.

Marketing assistance is also provided to GFM`s clients in term of marketing plan based on Price, Packaging, Placement & Products. GFM provides research reports to its client identifying the traits and consumption habits of end consumer for end consumption and GFM`s companies always participate in international exhibitions, seminar & workshop.

Importers/ Wholesalers

  • We partner with importers and wholesalers on a yearly contract basis, strengthening our collaboration through a comprehensive system that offers cross-sectional support in sales and marketing channels, production management, purchasing and logistics, product development, quality control, business management, and overseas sourcing channels. This collaborative approach transcends company boundaries, safeguarding against competitors in local markets while reducing OVERALL COSTS UNTIL THE PRODUCT REACHES THE IMPORTERS’ AND DISTRIBUTORS’ DOORSTEP. This allows them to focus and utilize 100% of their time and resources on sales, marketing, and customer service networks.

Concept store elements :

  • Wide range of selections¬†
  • Frozen seafood
  • Cooked meal selections
  • Dessert selections
  • Fruits and snacks (from around the world)
  • Bakery selections
  • Cooked food selections
  • Ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat selections

Concept Store ready meals include:

  • Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Indian Cuisine
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Chinese Cuisine
  • Thai and Indonesian Cuisine
  • Mughal/Royal Cuisine and other Hidden cuisines of the world

Concept of packing elements:

  • Quality of packaging: Modern dynamic system aiming to safely prepare foods for transportation, distribution, storage, shelf display, retailing, handling and end-use, and safely deliver these foods to the consumer in a sound condition (maximum quality) at a minimum cost.
  • Eyes catch of end customer Get inspired to design brand’s food package with amazing examples: from high-end to sustainable packaging.
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