Fishing Vessels

We provide 100% safe and secure fishing opportunities from season to season and also provide bait for deep fishing. We discover new fishing areas in compliance with International Standards and with the support of Ministry of Finance & Live stocks.

Global Food Marketing Group of Companies specifically World Tuna Trade & Global Seafood Marketing trade in all the major markets for sea frozen raw material and provide shipment, transshipment and delivery according to requirement. At GFM Group of Companies, an appropriate Crisis Management system is being followed for any type of marine pollution and oil spill cleanup and assists its clients in getting license/renewals & related matters with official

Fishing Vessels/ Aquaculture and Agriculture Farmers

We work with fishing vessels, trawlers for deep sea fishing, aquaculture and agriculture farmers through our partnership. World Food Union provide a sophisticated supply chain management system through a very strong trade connectivity and joint venture with many reliable source of utilizing raw material in many forms dedicated towards reprocessing into ready–to-eat, ready-to-cook and canned form through modern processing, and ready meal for varieties of global cuisines using modern techniques of culinary universities of the world.

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