Armed Forces/ Supermarkets

We supply products on permanent basis to Armed Forces`, Super Markets`, Caterings` and Airlines` Contractors after signing an interim or yearly contract with them. Our inspector ensures Quality & Quantity after conducting inspection at all stages including purchase of raw material, product processing, freezing, packing and loading. We also provide our customers a shipment worksheet on daily basis for giving their feedback.

Distributors/ Retailers/ E-commerce Retailers

We collaborate with supermarkets, distributors, retailers and e-commerce retailers through our yearly contract ‘Prime Supermarket Concept Store Partnerships.’ Our competitive advantage lies in direct sourcing of raw materials, which we dedicate to reprocessing into ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat products using modern processing techniques and centralized kitchen production. We incorporate innovative ideas from culinary universities worldwide, significantly reducing OVERALL COSTS UNTIL THE PRODUCT REACHES THE CUSTOMER’S DOORSTEP. 


  • Wide range of selections 
  • Frozen seafood
  • Cooked meal selections
  • Dessert selections
  • Fruits and snacks (from around the world)
  • Bakery selections
  • Cooked food selections
  • Ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat selections

Concept Store ready meals include:

  • Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Indian Cuisine
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Chinese Cuisine
  • Thai and Indonesian Cuisine
  • Mughal/Royal Cuisine and other Hidden cuisines of the world

Concept of packing elements:

  • Quality of packaging: Modern dynamic system aiming to safely prepare foods for transportation, distribution, storage, shelf display, retailing, handling and end-use, and safely deliver these foods to the consumer in a sound condition (maximum quality) at a minimum cost.
  • Eyes catch of end customer Get inspired to design brand’s food package with amazing examples: from high-end to sustainable packaging,
  • We are dedicated to advancing food technology while reducing chemical usage for future generations and promoting it worldwide. Additionally, we aim to safeguard an incredible source of employment, believing that this will ultimately contribute to profitability and economic development.

Hotels/ Restaurant Chains/ Airlines Catering/ Passenger cruise/ Merchant Ship and Armed Forces

  • We work with Hotels, restaurant Chains, Airline Catering, Passenger cruise, Merchant ships and Armed forces by consistent supply on permanent basis of seafood and food products. 
  • Our products are cost-effective and affordable. We take responsibility for directly sourcing raw materials dedicated to reprocessing into a ready-to-cook form through modern processing and coordination with the respective CHEFS for quality of ingredients. We prepare the products according to specifications and add value in various forms of seafood and food products, contributing significantly to saving time and meeting the growing trend of food-style products on their respective menus, facilitating a seamless transition from kitchen to table.
  • Restaurant chains are designed to deliver consistent experience to customers of their set menu. It is very important to continuously optimize quality of food products and maintain consistent supply.
  • Our competitive value framework tremendously contributes to bringing and maintaining a consistent source of food, reducing chemicals, saving costs, risks, time, and money. Competing the values of our value-added food products for end-users is an eminently practical tool to help analyze the quality of ingredients.
  • While fostering strong relationships with above clients’ Purchase departments and Chefs, providing excellent partnerships, co-ordinations and staying agile in secure source of supply and responding according to their demands crucial for long-term success.

Concept of packing elements:

  • Quality of packaging: Modern dynamic system aiming to safely prepare foods for transportation, distribution, storage, handling and deliver to the kitchen in a sound condition (maximum quality) at a minimum cost.
  • Bulk Packing
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